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"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


I am a lot of people rolled into one. I grew up in Manchester, NH and went to school in Worcester, MA. My schooling is in engineering, music and theater. I completed a self-designed BS degree in Music and Theater production at WPI in 1996, and have completed all but my senior capstone project for a BS in Electrical Engineering.

My work experience has been quite diverse, from managing a startup Distance Learning program at WPI, to desktop PC support in the WPI CCC Help Desk, to editing and tracking technical documents at HyComp in Marlboro, MA, to designing database and web applications at Lizard Database & Web, Inc. in Boylston, MA. I recently left a position with the IBM Software Group, the division formerly known as Lotus Development Corporation, where I spent six years developing collaborative applications like Domino.Doc and IBM Workplace. In early 2005 I weighed anchor, sold my townhouse, moved to Los Angeles, and am spending some time in freefall figuring out what's next. I'm tired of working on products that service businesses that service businesses in their goal of making and saving money. I've been discovering that, ironically, the salary for a given position seems to be inversely proportional to how meaningful it is to actual people. I'm looking to strike a better balance, so for now I'm taking a break from programming and exploring other ways to spend my time.

On the side, I do acting and voice over work. I have been in radio shows, commercials, trade show presentations, video games, educational CDROMs, and have even had my voice broadcast on The History Channel.

Another of my creative outlets is music. I am a singer, saxophone player, and composer. I've sung and acted in oodles of musicals and choral pieces, and have been a soloist at weddings and other special events since high school. One of my greatest wishes is to have access to a live orchestra and chorus to hear what my pieces sound like "humanized." For now I have to settle for simulations on my Kurzweil K2000.

I have two cats -- Will and Grace -- who, according to the vet, are probably Norwegian Forest Cats ("weegies"). Those who know the breed know I spend a lot of time being followed around the house and being nuzzled and meowed at for not paying enough attention.

In my travails, I managed to develop tendonitis, which I spent about five years dealing with, retraining, and recovering from. It's an insidious condition, because there's nothing visibly wrong, it's difficult to get a diagnosis, and the mainstream treatment methods tend toward the short-term and useless. I got it under control via a combination of habit re-training, some really good massage therapy, better keyboards, heat and ice, and exercise. I mention it here because it sometimes colors my outlook on life, and it's useful to know about. I also hope that if someone finds this on a keyword search, they'll contact me and we can chat a little about how I managed to recover.

There's obviously a lot more to a life than one page, which is why the rest of this site exists. Browse around, see the sights.

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